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Kaizen Corner

Sr. No Kaizen No Kaizen Theme Initiator Team Before
1 LCIK - 9664
ZB2802 Battery Cover Design Improvement
Ankit Pathak , 59103
In ZB2802 Project during T1 reliability stage like Drum drop, Soft pressure, Twist test & Micro drop test the battery cover was very tight to open. Ribs was added beside snap joints which has relieved the stress over snap joint and distributed load uniformly .Due to this the battery cover is not tight after all reliability test. 06/2018
2 LCIK - 11808
ZB1803 keypad touch feel enhancement.
Kunal kumar rajak , 51007174
Praveen Kumar , 59094
Gaurav kumar , 51006924
In previous projects we had keydome of more than 150g specification which needed more force to press the keys and it may become problematic for the user. Now we have included keydome of 100g soecification in zb1803 which will surely the decrease the force needed to press the keys as compared to keydome with more than 150g specification and thus it will enhance the keypad touch feel experience for the users. 11/2018
3 LCIK - 13497
Z91 Dummy back cover modification for using in Z81 model.
Durgesh Kumar Giri , 163606
Shivam kumar giri , 164769
Pratik Kumar , 163612
As per ODM there we no dummy protective back cover in Z81 model but we require to use dummy cover for preventing of scratch and dent . we have internally modified existing Z91 model dummy back covers in such a way that it can be used in both Z91 and Z81 03/2019
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