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Kaizen Corner

Sr. No Kaizen No Kaizen Theme Initiator Team Before
1 LCIK - 38474
Z_stockage_new Tcode developed in sap for ageing report
Rajneesh Pratap Singh , 51009310
Vipin Kumar , 53565
Before there is no option to consolidate part ageing report came in one time . Now Z_stockage_New New T code created for consolidate part ageing report . 04/2023
2 LCIK - 36520
Zstockage_new T code modification
Suresh chand , 51008894
Vipin Kumar , 59748
Before we are checking the components ageing in sap with z stockage_new but there is no model name mention in it Now modification Done and model name also mention in SAp 08/2022
3 LCIK - 38036
Zig modification.
PANKAJ KUMAR , 51009177
Vinay Shekhar , 59429
Prakash , 51009675
Before situation the model Lava Z93P RF jigs running only for Z3UP after some time new model come we implemented same jigs into Z3UP model. If new model come of Lava Z93P (Z3 UP) we are implemented Z93P rf jigs into the Z3 Model, We removed some material from the base of rf jigs and running this jigs for both model of lava Z3 and Z93P models. and pogo pin removed from the base as per model wise. 02/2023
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