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Kaizen Corner

Sr. No Kaizen No Kaizen Theme Initiator Team Before
1 LCIK - 36851
Yellow Paint 6S
Adarsh giri , 51009642
Sachin yadav , 51009625
Previously Yellow paint marking not done due to this materials proper allocation was not done. Now Yellow paint marking done 6S improved and also material allocation done now kept materials under marking. 09/2022
2 LCIK - 36176
X-OUT PCB Location Define
Dimple Kumar , 52392
Nandkumar , 43705
ok and X-OUT PCB Location same physicals vs SAP storage Bin there is difficulty to share reports x-out X-out PCB location define to Separator physicals verification X-out and share reports to PPC timely 07/2022
3 LCIK - 36676
Working tools improvement
Surya kamal kapoor , 165680
1) Facing problem with splicing during splicing pin with big components like SIM CARD ,SD CARD, SHIELD ,USB ,CPU,and IC CHIP etc, 2) we have snatching with our colleagues (mounter operator) 3) not working properly during splicing . And I tried to detact where is issue but naver said anyone but every mounnter operator facing this problem 1) we have not to facing problem during splicing with Big comments like SIM CARD ,SD CARD, SHIELD USB,CPU,and IC CHIP etc, 2) we have not to faceing snatching and fight with our colleagues and during hend over 3) and we have to not leasing about splicing from quality 08/2022
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