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Kaizen Corner

Sr. No Kaizen No Kaizen Theme Initiator Team Before
1 LCIK - 17278
ZEBRA ZT410 printer MLB replaced even after USB was physically damaged
Manish kumar , 164385
Vinay Shekhar , 59429
Rohit Kakkar , 55940
USB jack of 3 ZT410 printers was damaged and we were using these printers with LAN port which is a bit difficult in place of USB. We have logged complaint but vendor replied that these will not be covered in AMC. We have give him some logical reasons that how and why user will break these and this is totally related to the quality and reliability of printer. If it has something related to bad usage by owner than why the 110Xi4 model printers of zebra which we are using from last 2 years did not have this issue. Then only he agreed and changed all 3 motherboards of these ZT410 printers. 07/2019
2 LCIK - 10519
ZB2802 MIC foam cost saving
Tinku Mittal , 59096
In ZB42, for MIC sealing, separate foam was used. In ZB2802 which was similar ID of ZB42, We have eliminated using sealing foam for MIC rather Keypad rubber was utilized for sealing as shown in fig. So sealing foam cost (0.05 RMB ≈ ₹ 0.5) was saved. 07/2018
3 LCIK - 10505
ZB2802 LED Brightness
Vinod Kumar S , 60012
Tinku Mittal , 59096
Sreeram Uday Kumar , 59107
Uneven LED Brightness The LED positions was changed and optimized during T0 stage to get better brightness. Later it was reviewed and upraised as benchmark for all other upcoming feature phones for LED brightness. 04/2018
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